akemi nakano cohn

Akemi Nakano Cohn employs the traditional Japanese rice paste resist printing as a metaphor in her works. While using rice paste resist technique (Katazome) with cut out stencil paper, she noticed the empty shape left behind after cutting out forms in stencil paper. This "negative space" of cut-out stencil indicates the trace of existence. Negative space is evidence creating a memory. Applying various indigo dyed blues of fabrics and rice paper, she creates a memory-induced magical world where plants, animals, and humans respectfully co-exist.

Akemi was born Yokohama, Japan. She studied traditional Japanese dyeing techniques for ten years under the master, Haru Izumi. Received MFA in Fiber Art at Cranbrook Academy of Art. She was taught and exhibited internationally and has been on Artist-in-Residence at Anderson Ranch and the Ragdale Foundation.


2 pages CV & Artist Statement are available. Please request via e-mail.

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